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NETH FM Janahithage Virindu Sural 16-02-2017

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Trump Executive Order: White House Stands Firm Over Travel Ban
The Trump administration is standing firm over its ban on immigration from seven countries despite court rulings and mass protests against it.
In a statement, President Trump said visas would once again be issued once “the m...
Trump Inauguration: President Vows To End ‘American Carnage’
President Donald Trump has painted a bleak picture of a broken country after being sworn in as US president.
He spoke of abandoned factories, rampant crime and a failed education system, pledging that his presidency would br...
ජනාධිපති නියෝග පරිදි ලොතරැයි පත් අද සිට රු. 20 යි.
ජනාධිපතිවරයාගේ නියෝග පරිදි ජාතික ලො#...